2014 is definitely going to be my year! <3

I’m sorry for all of you who have messaged me on here! I’m never on Tumblr anymore, since I really like Instagram more! Feel free to follow me on there, I don’t bite. My username is unveilinglauren :)

But to give you all a brief update, I am single, I have been on my prescription for HRT for a little over 3 months now (which I am finally getting the results that are expected from hormones, because before nothing was happening at all), and I just got my birth certificate today to move even further along with my transition! Things are going super well for me. I hope you are all have just as great of a year as I am! <3

This upcoming year, 2014, is for tackling new obstacles. I’m so ready to get on with my life, and I think it’s about time I start trying harder to do so. <3

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! 

Anonymous asked:
I'm to jealous of you...

There’s no reason to be jealous of me. I’m not anything special, honestly…

Anonymous asked:
Hey Lauren, I just LOVE looking at your blog, it's so inspiring and you're so pretty! I would like to ask though .... from one MtF person to another, were you ever closeted for any amount of time? and if so, do you have ANY advice for how to give yourself outlets without anybody knowing? I unfortunately am not at all comfortable coming out yet ... for a lot of reasons, one being I don't know how my community would take it at all, and that scares me. Thanks!

Thank you very much! 
When I was younger and naive as to what the definition of how I was feeling was, I didn’t speak to anyone about how I felt. I kept to myself. However, once I realized what transgender meant, I felt that I had proof that what I was feeling was real, so I told my family and some friends. Then as I become more confident as to who I am, I began telling anyone I was with…simply because I didn’t want to spend my time with people who couldn’t accept me for who I truly am.
Good luck! <3 

Anonymous asked:
i wish i knew at your age what i am, unfortunately i'm 30 years too late & still struggling, i honestly respect what you've decided upon, bravo!!

I can understand that, but you have to remember to make the best of what you have! Good luck.

Anonymous asked:
You are great girl. How long you need to ggrowth your hair like this?

Probably around a year and a half for the length it is now! My hair grows fast, plus I think the hormones are making it grow even faster. But thank you. <3

Anonymous asked:
Hey Lauren! I just stumbled onto your blog and I am so impressed that you are so comfortable and confident with who you are! That is really awesome and inspirational. I was wondering what age you decided to become transgender? Did you always know?

Thanks, I’m glad I’m the same way, too. I never chose to “become” transgender, so I won’t be able to answer that question. However, I’ve always known how I felt, and around the age of 13, I became aware of the definition of what my feelings are: transgender. Ever since, I’ve been moving towards being at one with myself. 

Anonymous asked:
Hey Lauren:) how do i start my transition (mtf) and tell my parents? Thanks

Simply go up to them and explain that you’re wanting to move forward with your transition. Of course after they’re willing to help you out, you will have to find a psychiatrist who will write you a recommendation to start HRT! It can be a long journey so don’t get lost along the way. Remember to stay determined! Good luck.
-Lauren <3 

Anonymous asked:
Ever date a girl?

Yes, I have, back before I knew I was trans and definitely interested in men.

Anonymous asked:
I found your blog when you first started transitioning. you were outstandingly feminine and beuty from the start and now you look beut x100! your an inspiration you go guuurl!

Thank you very much. I truly appreciate it! I’m happy to know things with my appearance are finally changing. <3

Anonymous asked:
You should model, youre so tall! <3

Aw, thank you so much c:

Anonymous asked:
How did you tell your boyfriend you were trans?

When we first started talking I told him within the first couple of minutes! I told him very openly, for I’m not ashamed, and that turned out to be a really good thing. Honesty is key to any relationship (:

Anonymous asked:
Hey, just wondering if your boyfriend is a ftm transgender or if he was born a male? Not to use labels but I'm just wondering if he was straight all of his life. I say this because I feel most guys wouldn't be cool with being with a mtf but I think it's so awesome that he is. Happy for you, hope all your dreams come true.

No, he is an all natural male! As for his sexuality, he is pansexual; meaning, he doesn’t mind the physical aspect of me because he is attracted to people based on their personality. But thank you, I am very happy things are going the way they have for me. <3 (:

Got all dolled up to see Chase! I think he and I are going out for dinner :)

Even though these pictures are from awhile ago, Chase and I just celebrated our one year this pass Sunday, October 6, 2013! I enjoyed my day with him. ❤️💛💚💙💜💗🌟 He is so amazing, and I honestly wouldn’t be the woman I am today without his love and support. I am truly grateful for being blessed with such a charming man, so here’s to one year and counting! 🍻☺️ Anyways, I hope you are all having just as great of a time as I am. If not, hold on tight because things will get better. And for those of you who are new to following me, thank you for all your love and support and for following me. It honestly means a lot to me. XOXO- Lauren 💋